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Prestige Cup 2022 – schnapps, tombola & kayak

Published on: 12.11.2022
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The Prestige Cup in Brno was a special event for me personally. It was not only my first race with the Hana Dragons but also my first race in the Czech Republic. I was very happy that after only one practice I was allowed to participate in the race.

The whole team welcomed me warmly even as I was not able to speak Czech. The race itself was also new for me, as it was quite different from other races that I joined with my German or Dutch team. The most interesting difference for me was the distance itself. The distances in this category which are familiar to me are usually 2km, 2.5km or 4km; the 2.6km were quite specific. Non the less was it a great distance to race. Another, not unwelcomed, difference which I noticed were the boats, which were slightly different than what I am used to.

However, the biggest difference was not the size of the competition or the number of teams, but the atmosphere itself. While I would not say that we do not have fun in my home teams, I would say that this competition was a bit more relaxed. I really enjoyed the laid-back atmosphere, relaxed attitude, and especially the peppermint schnapps as warming-up.

Another great and new aspect was the tombola. It was the first time that I have seen a tombola at a race, and I was surprised by the general excitement and energy around it. Almost everybody got tickets and after the races we were sitting in a circle, with all the numbers in front of us, protecting them from the wind. For every number with a win there was a big turmoil and from rum to candy – everything was celebrated. The biggest explosion of emotions however came when the main price was drawn and everybody was sitting in a circle, holding hands and chanting “kayak. Kayak” (the main price). And indeed, it did work – last year the second price and this year the main price were going home with us!

In the race itself we raced two times the 2.6 km with either one or two other teams. The weather was also surprisingly nice and much warmer than expected – with even a bit of sun. And while we did not win the race itself, we still had a great time and a lot of fun!

– Ann –

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